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Ultimate Booty Lift

Ok girls, I know that bikini season is far far away (for those that don’t live near the southern hemisphere) but now is the time to start shaping that booty for next years summer season. I promise you – this one exercise will give you the ultimate booty lift (not to mention burn). The combination of muscle shaping through weighted squats, coupled with plyometric jump squats for fat burning are the perfect pair .. for your perfect pair 🙂
Muscles Worked: Gluteus (primary maximus, minimus), quads and hamstrings
Time to Complete: about 10 minutes
You will need: Barbell, dumbells, or squat machine (Tip: If you’re unsure of how much weight to use, do a trial run before your real workout. Select the weight you think you can handle for 15 reps. If you make it through 15 reps without really feeling your legs – add more weight. If you can’t get through at least 6 reps, lighten it up)
Here’s how it works:
You’re going to combine 2 exercises into one “super set:” A weighted squat with a plyometric jump squat.
  • First, do one set of 15 reps of a weighted squat (see image 1 below)
    • Holding dumbbells, a barbell over your head, or in a squat machine, stand tall with feet shoulder width apart.
    • Decline by bending at the hips and knees but keeping your upper body firm
    • Tighten your legs and Push through the heels to stand up
  • Breaking for no more than 30 seconds, Next you will do 15 jump squats (see image 2 below)
    • Without any weight, stand tall with feet shoulder width apart
    • Decline into a squat as low as you can, with arms straight out in front of you for balance – pause 1 second
    • Immediately srping upward and leave the floor
    • Land softly with knees bent; repeat for the given reps
  • Now rest 1 full minute to catch your breath.
  • Repeat another set of weighted squats, but only do 12-13 reps*
  • Move right into another set of 12-13 jump squats
  • Rest 1 full minute
  • Complete a final set of 10 weighted squats
  • Take your 30 second transition and complete a final set of 10 jump squats.
*If you are really fit, keep the reps at 15 throughout the entire super set. If you find it hard to get through the full meal deal – make this your goal!

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