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Break the Rut workout

I haven’t been able to work out in 3 days, which is a long hiatus for me. At times like this, I’m caught in between feeling like a need a real butt-kicking workout, but that the effort required may just be too much.

This workout breaks down a 1 hour workout into 6 very short segments (plus warm/up and cool down), to keep the body moving and guessing (which drives maximum results), while keeping the brain active and motivated. Going into the workout, having your mind set toward short (8-10 minute) segments helps convince your sluggish body that you can in fact get through a 1 hour workout in the gym again.

The format for this workout is pretty simple – all you need is a little imagination. The trick is to move quickly from segment to segment, and keep moving as you go. Before you know it you’ll be done!


Warm up (5 min)

Choose your own Superset: Choose 2 different exercises to do back to back, 3 times (6 total sets) – this should take about 8-10 minutes.

•Then, Choose a cardio “interval” (any type of cardio: elliptical, treadmill, cycle, Stairmaster) for 8-10 minutes

Repeat this cycle three times total

•Finish as always with a 5 min Cool Down/Stretch

Here is an example: this was my “6 part” Break the Rut routine today:

  • Warm up (5 min walking on treadmill)
  • Superset #1 (8 min): Walking lunge bicep Curls (16) + Lat pull down (12) [3 times repeat]
  • Cardio interval #1 (10 min): Elliptical at level 6
  • Superset #2 (8 min): Dead lift with back row (12) + Bicep 21’s  [3 times repeat]
  • Cardio interval #2 (8 min): Run at fast pace (7.0 mph)
  • Superset #3 (8 min): Squat with overhead press (12) + pushups (10) [3 times repeat]
  • Cardio interval #3 (8 min): Run at moderate pace (6.0 mph) @ 2.0 incline
  • Cool down/Stretch (5 min)

Tips to get even more from your workout:

  • Use as many “combo” moves as possible in your supersets (such as a walking lunge with bicep curl as I did today)
  • In your cardio segments, work in “intervals” –speed up for 1 minute then maintain moderate pace for 2 minutes, etc…
  • Minimize your reset between segments – no more than 60 seconds

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This entry was posted on December 9, 2010 by in fitness.
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