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Basics for Beginners

Generally I find that readers of my blog have some familiarity with the gym, have had a trainer in the past or even are themselves trainers. However now and then I get an email from someone who may have entered a gym before, self-admittedly has no idea what to do when she enters the weight room.

Sound familiar? If this rings true for you, or someone you know, here is a great weight workout for beginners. (And ladies, if you’re still not convinced about adding strength to your workout regime, read this great article from Livestrong).

Beginning Strength Training Workout:

      • 1. Begin by warming up for 3-5 minutes on a treadmill (brisk walk) or elliptical or stationary bike, just to get your heart rate moving.
      • 2. Move over to the weight area and select your weights (lighter for upper body, heavier for lower body)
      • 3. Do 20 arm circles forward and 20 backward
      • 4. Squat 15 times with no weights
      • 1. Bicep Curl: 12-15 repeats (reps)
      • Biceps - Curl (start)Biceps - Curl (end)
      • 2. Lunges: 15 repeats (reps) on each leg
      • Lunge - Legs (side view)
      • **Repeat 1 & 2 one more time**
      • 3. Shoulder Overhead Press: 15 repeats (reps)
      • Arms - Bionic arm (mid2)Arms - Bionic arm (end)
      • 4. Squats with dumbbells: 15 repeats (reps)
      • Legs - Narrow squat (start)Legs - Narrow Squat (end)
      • **Repeat 3  & 4 one more time**
      • 5. Bicycle crunches: 30 alternating (repeat 2 times)
      • Abs - Bicycle crunch
      • If you have time, I highly recommend following your weighted routine with 20 minutes of cardio. Vary the speed from high intensity to moderate (go fast, then go slower) to really burn calories. Vary your machine day to day from treadmill (running/jogging) to the stationary bike, to the elliptical or stair machine
      • One of the most important 3-5 minutes!!
      • Bring your heart rate back to resting
      • Stretch your legs and upper body and hold the stretches for 20-30 seconds

You can repeat this routine 2-3 times per week. Good luck!

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