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Race Day Tip #2: Fuel

This is a continuation of Race Day tips started earlier this week. Today’s topic: feeding your body for top race performance.

feulJust like a car runs on fuel, so does your body. Ever heard “garbage in, garbage out?” So goes it for food intake when getting ready for a running race. Similar to a workout, your body needs mostly carbohydrates and a little protein leading up to the run, a little calorie boost during (on a long race like a 1/2 marathon), and protein after the run for recovery.


My personal race diet looks like this:

Pre-Race day – Normal breakfast, lunch, plus 2 protein shakes at 25 grams each. Lots of water (100 ounces if you can)

Pre-Race Evening Meal – Pasta with simple tomato sauce (no meat which can cause indigestion). More water.

Race Morning: 1 hour before race: Peanut butter & Jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread –OR- high carb/moderate protein energy bar (Balance bar or Power bars are my favs). Not much water (so I don’t have to stop at the potty huts!)

During the Race (if over 10k): At the half-way point, take “Gu” energy gel – with natural fructose and electrolytes, it will keep you energized and hydrated. I also grab water at many (not all) of the water stations along the race route.

Post Race: Pancakes! This is a great time to splurge – you just burned a ton of calories! But don’t forget protein (a shake is best) and re-hydrate with lots of water throughout the day.

One comment on “Race Day Tip #2: Fuel

  1. TestingTrueChange
    February 16, 2011

    Glad I ran into your blog! I like your writing style and these are definitely tips I will take to heart as I continue running!

    Thanks and look forward to future posts,

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