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Runner’s tie

If you run at all, you need to know how to tie a “runner’s tie.” I don’t remember where I first learned this, but I’ve never gone back to tying my shoes in the ‘regular’ way since. A runner’s tie helps secure your ankle in to your sneaker, and makes for a snug feeling versus a loose and squishy shoe hanging on for dear life as you trek down the road (or treadmill).

The tie is fairly simple once you do it, but a bit tricky to explain, so bear with me:

1. To start, lace up your sneakers up to the top hole in the same line, as usual. There should be another hole that is just next to the top hole (you know, that hole you never use?) thread the lace from the outside back through this side hole –creating a loop, as in this image.

2. Now, thread the lace ends through the opposite loop holes you just created – see image #2

3. Finally, tie your lace ends as you would normally, into a single or double bow. This extra “runners tie” loop makes your foot snug and secure while running or working out. Try it!


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2011 by in fitness.
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