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Feeling Snacky?

I admit it, I’m a total snacker. I’m known at work for the girl who always has a snack – in her hand – or available to those who forgot their lunch. My office is loaded with snacks – y’a know, just in case. Of course, these are all healthy (ish) snacks suitable for the fitness minded type.

I’m always looking for a good snack, and thus always trying new things. So I thought I’d jot a few of my latest favorites down for you, in case your on the hunt for a good snack!

imageZone Perfect Dark Chocolate bars – 6 (SIX!!) fantastic chocolate flavors – these are no joke chocolate craving killers. Depending on the flavor, Zone bars have around 200 cals and approx 12g protein – a great POST workout snack.

imageKashi TLC Fruit & Grain bars – My favorite is the dark chocolate & Coconut bars, but admittedly I haven’t yet tried the Pumpkin Pecan bar which sounds fantastic!!  At 130 calories, 3.5g fat and 4g protein, these little gems are a great in between meals snack. 

appleApples and Almonds – an all time favorite, I love to combine a fresh apple with raw almonds (not salted or roasted!!). You could easily have walnuts or cashews for various nutritional benefits. One regular sized apple has about 60 calories (no fat), and 1 serving of almonds (approx 16 whole almonds) has 112 cals, 9g fat and 5g protein. A great PRE workout snack.

Quaker “Quakes” mini rice cakes – Whether you have a sweet or salty tooth, these imagelittle bites will kick it! With dozens of flavors from BBQ to Kettle Corn (my fav) to chocolate or vanilla crème brule – you can stock up for anytime snacky craving for just over 100 calories per serving (1g fat, 2g protein).

I hope you enjoy my latest favorite pre, post, in-between, and anytime snack ideas!


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This entry was posted on March 22, 2011 by in fitness.
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