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12 weeks to Wedding!

bridetgcLast year, I created a “Pocket Sized workout guide” for brides and maids called “Wedding Day Fit.. in 4 Weeks;” a sequel to my original “Fit & Firm.. in 4 Weeks pocket sized workout guide.” Little did I know then that I too would be a bride – in 12 weeks!

So now that I am in the hot seat – what’s my wedding plan? Well, you may not believe it but yes even I feel like I could afford to ‘tweak’ a bit for the big day – after all, I am a GIRL! Smile 

And although my Wedding Day Fit program is GREAT, I have a little more time to do a full 12 week program. And thus – I thought, what a perfect next series for this blog – to take you through my wedding day countdown!

So stay tuned.. over the next 11+ weeks I’ll be blogging about my workouts, nutrition plans, and ups and downs as I conquer the chapel walk! I hope you’ll enjoy the story…


One comment on “12 weeks to Wedding!

  1. Begered
    April 4, 2011

    Congratulations on the engagement!

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