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11 weeks and counting (part 1)

calendarOk here we go – already I am down to 11 weeks before the big day. That sounds so cliché.  But that’s ok, firstly – I’m ok with cliché. Secondly, I am not panicking that I am 11 weeks out and made zero progress on my goals last week. Really. Not. Freaking. Out. Ok, maybe a little.

Time to get serious with this mission of mine, and the only thing for it is a PLAN. If you’ve read my blog at all in the past, you’ll probably know I’m a big fan of plans. Generally I make plans every week for the week ahead – one for workout schedule and one for nutrition, or meal planning.

My firm belief is that plans are the essential foundation of your goals. Because after all – we all know there’s a huge difference between wanting something, and doing what it takes to get it. A plan builds a path to the goal, and creates a sort of self commitment. Once you have a plan, breaking seems like cheating. At least it does for me!

So back to my plan. My 11 week plan works off of a “work back” method that I actually use in my day job when managing any project. Today, I’ll share my workout plan and in my next post I’ll outline my nutrition plan. In short, my fitness plan looks like this:

WORKOUTS: Always 5-6x/week with one rest day (this is my normal routine)

Weeks 1-3: Base-lining: Yoga 1-2x/week, 3x/week – weights + 25 min cardio (run, cycle, elliptical – never the same in back to back sessions), Long run 1x/week

Weeks 4-7: Shedding lbs: Same as Weeks 1-3, increasing cardio to 40-45  minutes on the 3 weight days

Weeks 8-10: Go BIG! Yoga 2x/weeks, 4x/week – split sessions: AM: 30 min weight sessions, PM: 45-60 min cardio (adding in cycle class, long runs, and cross fit) – Splitting the 4 weight/cardio days helps ensure maximum energy and impact. Adding in cardio classes help me stay motivated for a full 60 min session!

Final WeekEasing up: As I’m traveling for my wedding, I will do as many long walks/hikes, and other “hotel room” workouts to stay lean. But for the most part, I’m going to rest, enjoy the week and reap the benefits of the 10 previous tough weeks of training.


One comment on “11 weeks and counting (part 1)

  1. amelia
    April 5, 2011

    Planning makes perfect, thats my motto! how about sharing more about your work-back planning methodology with us?! As a general mater, how would you characterize your progress/developments during each “phase” (aka Week 1-3, etc…)?

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