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It’s Leg day again…

I am BACK. Where did I go? Ok maybe YOU didn’t miss me, but my legs did. I was off getting married in June overseas, with our stateside reception still to come next weekend, so I’ve been a wee bit busy! But now that all the arrangements are made, the guest list finalized, and less than 2 weeks before I have to get into (ANOTHER) white dress… it’s back to leg day for me.

Today I’m actually not in my home gym – I’m travelling for work and at the moment awaiting the gym opening time in 12 minutes. Perfect – now I can plan the routine. I was reading in HERS magazine on the plane ride last night how women are really good at planning. I agree. Almost always, I am found at the gym with a post it note taped to my water bottle, on which I’ve diligently written out my workout routine. I find that Planning Your Workout is the sure way to an efficient workout.

So today I share with you today’s LEG day routine, with a little back and abs for good measure:

1) Split squats off a bench or chair (with dumbbells if I can find them in this hotel gym) – 15 each leg x 3 sets

2) Wide Stance Plie Squat (“”) – 15 slow count + 15 pulses near the bottom – x 3 sets. Superset with 15 pushups if I’m feeling energetic

3) Dead-lifts – combo – back row (I really need to find dumbbells*)- 15 x 3 sets

4) Hip raise bridge (with an exercise ball if I can find one) – superset with 60 seconds holding forearm plank

5) Calf raises: 15 toes forward, 15 toes in, 15 toes out   x 3 sets

+ 25 minute Interval treadmill running.

…Let’s go see what this hotel gym has in store for me!


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This entry was posted on August 4, 2011 by in fitness, fitness plan, legs, Training planning.
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