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Don’t Panic…

A client came to me all flustered: “I totally screwed up – it was my best friend’s birthday and we went out, I had 2 cocktails (I swear!), a little nibble of fries and other appetizers… and now the scale says I’m up 4 pounds. FOUR POUNDS! How is this possible!?!?”

Has this happened to you? Especially after Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to bet yes. Here’s my advice: DON’T PANIC! Give it a couple of days, make a “recovery plan” – and things will likely go back to normal in no time. Here’s why and how:

1) The body reacts to alcohol in strange ways. Everyone reacts differently, but often alcohol can cause water retention and inflamation. Alcohol also contains sugar, which can cause your insulin levels to spike and does funny things to your system. Counter attack: DRINK WATER – loads. Like 120 ounces+ per day!!

2) Additionally, if you’re like most people, drinking more alcohol than your norm probably means you ate more than your norm. If you’ve been on a diet for the days leading up to this event, your body is likely responding in an abnormal way. For some people this means you’ll see some extra pounds on the scale, but don’t worry as this is probably artificial and temporary – or at least easy to counteract. Counter attack: 60 minutes+ of cardio extra in the coming week (see below)

Rest assured: It is virtually impossible to gain 4 pounds overnight. Remember it takes 3,500 calories to equate to a pound. So even eating like a crazy person, it’s highly unlikely you ate enough to gain 4 lbs (14,000 calories).

If you can, make a mental note of what you did eat (over your target daily calories), and add in to your week upcoming workouts activity that would compensate (e.g. if you decide you ate 1200 extra calories, do an extra 20 min of cardio for 6 days). Also drink LOTS of water to help flush that alcohol and bad food from your system. At the very least, this will help you mentally recover from your splurge.


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This entry was posted on September 6, 2011 by in fitness.
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