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The Break-full Run

treadmill runnSometimes when I’m not feeling full of energy, or have come off a leg workout with wobbly legs, I do a “break-full” run. This is exactly as it sounds, a run with a lot of breaks built in. Physically, the walking breaks allow the body to rest and recover, while mentally – I know I can get through 20 minutes on the treadmill because another break is coming up.

You can do a break-full run in any way, perhaps you do a cycle of running for 3-4 minutes, walking 1 minute, then repeating. You can even do this evenly by walking a mile, running a mile, or walk a minute, run a minute.

A “ladder” is another way to do a break-full run – and is often the method I give to new runners to build up stamina. Here is a fun 20 minute pattern to try:

20 minute “break-full” ladder run

  • Walk 3 minutes (warm up)
  • Run 2 minutes
  • (Break) Walk 1 minute
  • Run 3 minutes
  • (Break) Walk 1 minute
  • Run 4 minutes
  • (Break) Walk 1 minute
  • Run 5 minutes

…you could keep going if you like.


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