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A Slimmer Starbucks

TCinnamon Dolce Lattehey’re at it again – those baristas at Starbucks ® are whipping up tasty coffee treats for fall. Well before you dive in, you know what I’m going to say.. these drinks are loaded with calories and sugar! So while I certainly won’t tell you not to treat yourself once in a while, but if you make a daily habit of it don’t come crying to me when you fit well into that Santa suit come Christmas.

I must say kudos to Starbucks for listing all of their drinks and food on their site, complete with nutrition info. You do have to click a bit to get to the sugar content info, but the basics are all there in great comparison format.

I’ve blogged about the dangers of these tasty espresso drinks before, so you already know three EASY ways to reduce the calorie intake:

  1. Make it a SHORT or TALL (save 30-100 cals vs. Grande or Venti),
  2. Make it with NON FAT MILK (save 30-60 cals), and
  3. Step away from the whip cream (save 50-60 cals)

But if you’re looking for some good ideas to have your yummy coffee and drink it too.. I’ve put together some alternatives to some of your favorite Starbucks drinks. My top favorites:

  • Short or Tall non-fat (or soy) latte/cappuccino with cocoa powder and cinnamon [spices are usually near the lids/napkins] (cinnamon spice = 0 cals, cocoa = 12 cals)
  • Short or Tall non-fat (or soy) latte with 1 pump flavoring (1 pump = 20 cals)
  • Short or Tall Skinny caramel macchiato

Here are the comparisons and what you could save in calories and carbs (hyperlinks will take you to nutritional info on


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