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Get Fast(er)

Last time we talked about getting stronger in your weight training regime, and today we will extend that same concept, for you runners out there, for getting faster.

Just like in the approach to getting stronger by progressively increasing weights, getting faster in your running can leverage the same approach. Similar to fartlek training, a routine whereby you gradually increase speed is one of the best ways to adapt your body to a faster pace.

How to do it? Try this routine on a treadmill:

The “3-2-1” run:

  • Warm up by walking 2-3 minutes
  • For 3 minutes, run at slightly below your “normal” pace
  • For 2 minutes, run at your “normal” run pace
  • For 1 minute, run at above your normal pace (try about 1 mph faster)
  • Repeat the above sequence at least 3 times for a 20 minute cycle.

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This entry was posted on October 21, 2011 by in fitness.
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