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This weekend, I’m doing a 3-day cycle ride with some good friend from California. We’ll travel from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. I’m going to blog along the way, and so thought I’d give you an intro to our journey.

[Wikipedia] “The Salton Sea is a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault… The lake occupies the lowest elevations of the Salton Sink in the Colorado Desert of Imperial and Riverside counties in Southern California. Like Death Valley, it is below sea level.”

My first impression of the Salton Sea was last summer, when we attempted to find a lovely lake for a picnic – in August – in the desert. Driving up to the sea we were amazed – what is this beautiful oasis here in the desert? And why has no one told us of this place, only 1 hour from Palm Springs? And then…

Approaching the sea you could not miss the putrid smell in the air. Dead fish. From the 50% salt content of the water? Perhaps. Whatever it was it stunk! Possibly even worse, at the end of the coarse shell beach lie hundreds of half eaten fish, surrounded by birds. Yes, no wonder it was only mobile homes we saw and not luxury sea homes. When we returned to Palm Springs and told our local friends where we’d gone, they only laughed.

So in spite of this, the Salton Sea will be at least the destination point – it’s hard to miss. Keep reading this weekend as I share the tales from the road.

Our Ride Agenda:

Day 1 – 68-70 miles We will be on the North/Eastern side of the Salton Sea. We should also be able to explore a “bat cave” on our way to the camp site.

Day 2 – 62 miles. We will now be on the North/Western side of the sea, cycling through the one of the lowest points in the Continental US on this day. Along the way exploring some natural hot mud pots and a large bird preserve along our ride this day and camping at night.

Day 3 – 58 miles. Back to Palm Springs…


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