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Holiday Helpers

Okay okay – we know you’ve read a hundred articles and blogs on how  to keep fit over the holidays, how to not eat too many holiday treats, yada yada. My philosophy – the holidays is not the time to start worrying about your weight. While it’s always a good time to think about your health, stressing about that extra few hundred calories from parties, treats, and not enough time to workout is going to do no one any good, especially you!

So what can you do over the holidays to ensure you don’t get yourself in too big of a hole? Here are my Top Tips for holiday health:

1) Allow yourself the treats. Maybe not every day, but if you’re going to a party or special event, know that there are going to be treats. Plan for those times by eating healthier during the day leading up to the event – such as a healthy egg white scramble for breakfast and a turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch. This way you can allow yourself the treat without feeling like you’ve totally ruined your healthy habits.

2) Book in your workout time. If you’re a worker bee like me, your Outlook runs your life. So make an apointment with yourself – be it 2 or 3 days in the workweek. This way you won’t have to guess at how you’re going to find the time to squeeze in that workout. Do make time for working out, but give yourself some leeway if it’s less than you usually put in. You can always pick it back up in January!

3) Find exercise where you can. Whether that’s the race to and in the mall, Ice skating on a date, or sledding with the kids – anything active counts as calorie burn, so take any chance you can to counter the holiday chocolates and cookies!

4) Make your own healthy treats. Why not take in some of your own holiday cheer to the office with healthy versions of holiday treats. You can always replace oil with apple sauce in almost any baked goods, lessen the amount of sugar or use a natural sugar, and add protein powder to cookies and bars. Having your own treats will make you feel like you’re indulging yet keep the health in check.

With these tips you can have a little more health with your holiday. Happy happy!

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This entry was posted on December 9, 2011 by in Food and Diet.
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