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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Make a Choice: Grain or Meat

I’ve been researching the concept of “food combining” – essentially an approach to eating whereby certain food combinations are said to digest better due to the acid/alkaline balance. In a … Continue reading

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Workout in your PJ’s!

The most common excuse I get for not working out is “I don’t have time… it takes 10 minutes to put on my gear, 15 minutes to drive to the … Continue reading

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InKredible Kale!

Kale is one of my favorite side veggies!!¬†¬†Like other cruciferous vegetables (brocolli, cauliflower), this versatile green goes well with fish, chicken, lamb, and even steak. High in Vitamin K, A, … Continue reading

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12 tips for 2012

Rather than make resolutions you may never keep, start January off thinking of new ways to do things. After all, they say the definition of insanity is doing the same … Continue reading

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