Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Workout in your PJ’s!

The most common excuse I get for not working out is “I don’t have time… it takes 10 minutes to put on my gear, 15 minutes to drive to the gym, 45 minutes to workout, then drive back home – it’s more than an hour!”

Ok so for all you time strapped people, here it is – the (less than) 20 minute workout you can do IN YOUR PJ’s.. don’t even bother putting on your gear. You don’t even need any equipment!!! If all you do is this workout 3 times each week when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be much better off than doing nothing.

So hey, give it a go.. I know you can find 20 minutes in your day!

Exercise How Many?
1. Balance   squats– hold your arms out parallel to ground – sit down onto a chair or   bed but just as you hit it, stand up 15 total
2. Goal   post Place hands on head, elbows bent out to sides. Reach opposite elbow   to opposite knee 20 total (10 each side)
3. Side   lunges – stand tall with arms together – take a large step out with right   foot out to the side – lunge, return. 10 each leg (20 total)
4. High   knees – stand tall with hands at waist level – lift knees up to hands in   a running move, changing back and forth between right/left knees 30 total
5. Push   ups (toes or knees) 10 total
Rest just long enough to catch your breath,   repeat 2 more times

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This entry was posted on January 10, 2012 by in Exercises, workout.
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