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Muscle build day 1: Biceps/Back workout

In my last post, I shared with you my new plan to regain muscle after a 6 week hiatus from real weight training. Day 1 (which I did Sunday, but you can start any day) was the biceps/back pairing.

Samara_dec09_0671Now why do we work these two muscle groups together? The back/bicep “split” as we gym nuts call it, is a common pairing given their natural co-dependency in every day “pulling” movements. Think about when you open a door, pick up something off the floor, or in the gym doing a “row” exercise. In all of these, you use both the bicep and the back. Given many exercises already use both of these muscles in compound movements, it only makes sense to follow the natural body mechanics.



So here is my Day 1 Muscle re-boot workout: BACK and BICEPS (with cardio)

Plan for a 70-90 minute workout depending on your cardio time (see below)

>>Start with a 3-5 minute warm up

Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Single arm bicep curl  – full extension Heavy – Dbells 10 each arm, alternating 3 – with 60 sec rest in between
Negatives – if you’re not familiar with negatives, see this video Very Heavy – Dbells 6-8 each arm continuously, then switch 3 – with 2 min rest in between
In & Outs – Perform a regular bicep curl (bi-lateral) forarms facing forward (“in”), then turn forearms outward at 45 degrees and bicep curl (“out”) Moderate – Dbells 16 total (8 in, 8 out) 4 – with 60 second rest in between
Serve the platter” – hold dumbbells at waist (elbows bent) and push forward Light – Dbells or Barbell 15-20 (until muscle burns) 2 – with 60 sec rest in between
Dumbbell bent over row Heavy – Dbells 15 each arm continuously, then switch 2 – with 60 sec rest in between
Seated Rows (cable machine) Heave to Moderate – Cable Machine Drop set: 15 / 12 / 10 / 8 4 part drop set – rest 30 sec rest in between
Lat Pull down (cable machine) Moderate-Cable Machine 12 3 – with 60 sec rest in between


Follow with a mixed cardio set (30-45 min depending on goals). Change up the intensity throughout, about every 2 minutes (e.g. go fast then slow, incline then flat, etc..)

Exercise Time
Elliptical 10-15
Stationary bike 10-15
Treadmill jog or brisk walk with incline 10-15


>>Finish with a 3-5 minute cool down and stretch


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