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Muscle Build reboot plan, Day 4

Day 4 of my new plan calls for heavy cardio (60 min) plus 10 minutes each of triceps and abs/core. Why do I pair these two together? C’mon! You’ve heard it before – work what works together.

Samara_dec09_0798Triceps and the core muscles are called into play in cycling, so it makes sense to work them on the same day for an extra POW! For me, I like to do the muscle conditioning before the cardio, primarily because I am just too pooped after a 60 minute cycle class to do anything else! But if you prefer to do cycling first, go for it – there is little evidence on the efficacy of weight training before or after cardio (so, it makes little difference to your body what order you work out in). And, if you can’t find a cycle class – 60 minutes on your won is fine too, so long as you really push yourself!

Ok here we go…. with the warm up and cool down this is a 1.5 hour workout (sorry! but sometimes you got to..)

Warm up (5 min, treadmill or elliptical)

Tricep workout (10 min): Do this as a triple set (do 1 set of each exercise, rest 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times

Exercise Reps Weight
Supine triceps extension with barbell (aka “skull crusher”) 12 Medium
Straight bar pushdown (with cable machine) 8-10 Heavy
Quick kickbacks with dumbbells (one arm or both) 20 Light


Core workout (10 min): Do just 1 set of each exercise

Exercise Reps
Weighted crunches (hold 1 dumbbell during standard crunch; keep chest off floor/mat) 25
Bicycle crunches (knees bent and raised 90 degree parallel to floor, tuck opposite knee into elbow, then switch) 50 total (25 each side)
Jack knife (lie on your back and simultaneously raise chest to bent knees) 25
Heel Reach (lie on your back with knees bent, feet on floor. Raise chest off floor with arms fingers just barely touching heels. Reach to the right and touch outside of right foot, then left – repeat)  
Forearm plank (forearms on mat, elbows directly under shoulders, straight back – straight line from neck to heels) 60 second hold


Cycle !!! 60 minutes

Cool down & Stretch


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