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Muscle Build re-boot day 5

You’ve almost made it.. day 5 marks an important day in this new program. By now you’re starting to feel a little tired, a little sore – ok a lot! But your Rest day is coming.. just one more day and you’ll be ready for a break.

Today, we work Shoulders, Chest, Abs + 45 min cardio. This is by far my FAVORITE exercise of the bunch. I love shoulders and abs, and hey a little cardio never hurt. So here we go!


You will need 80-90 minutes for this routine.


WARM UP – 4 minutes  treadmill or elliptical + 1 minute arm circles, alternate forwards and backwards every 20 counts.

Exercise Weights Reps Sets
1 One arm shoulder press (dumbbells) Heavy 10 each arm (continuous) 3
2 Upright row with barbell Med 15 4
3 Front raise w/ dumbbells Light-Med 10 4, super set with #4
4 Lateral raise w/ dumbbells Light – Med 10 4
5 Push ups (chest to floor) none 10 3 superset with #6
6 Chest fly with dumbbells Med 12 3
7 Cable seated twist Light – Med 25 (total) 3, superset w/ #8
8 Push sit up Light 20 3
9 Hanging leg hip raise none 15 2



Follow with a mixed cardio set (30-45 min depending on goals). Change up the intensity throughout, about every 2 minutes (e.g. go fast then slow, incline then flat, etc..)

Exercise   Time

Elliptical      10-15 min

Stationary bike     10-15 min

Treadmill jog or brisk walk with incline     10-15min




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This entry was posted on March 1, 2012 by in fitness.
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