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Easy tips for Eating out (the healthy way)

There are some weeks when for one reason or another I find myself eating out every night of the week. Whether it’s travel (like last week), my social calendar coming a-calling, or just that I’m too busy to cook – there are some strategies to employ while eating out to keep me on the healthy track.

1. Chew your food. No I mean really chew it. Studies show that chewing your food (aim for 20-30 chews per bite) aids in digestion AND helps you eat less. This works because your mind takes time to register you are full. Other similar tricks are setting your fork down between bites, and drinking a glass of water before meals.

2. Try a vegetarian or vegan meal. Though protein is key for us workout nuts, vegetarian and better still vegan dishes are often far less calories than their meaty counterparts. If you’re a big meat fan, stick with simply grilled chicken or beef with a side of veggies (hold the potatoes!).

3. Make tradeoffs and make em count! If you’re a big desert fan (like yours truly!) pass on the bread and appetizers. If you are a bread fanatic, go ahead and have that lovely soft roll – just skip on the desert and wine. And so on…  Another really good trick on your “I can’t pass that up” favorites is sticking with a “2 bite rule” and/or sharing with your dining partner.

4. Be picky. Us Americans are so polite. But the picky person is often the thin one, ever noticed that? Ask to sub the fries or potatoes with salad or veggies. Check if there’s a healthy desert option like fresh fruits with a small dipping of dark chocolate. And certainly hold that sauce and dressing – put it on the side if you must, you’re a far better judge of how much should go on.

5. Go home sober. Ok so I’m not saying don’t have a fabulous glass of your favorite wine, but try to stick with one glass. Make it a really good one an sip slowly. Certainly choose wine over mixed drinks which (I’m sure you know by now) pack on the calories. Have sparkling water with a lime for your meal and tea or coffee after as an alternative.

You can find restaurants that offer healthy choices at and similar sites. So go forth and eat out – healthy!


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This entry was posted on March 12, 2012 by in Food and Diet.
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