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No Burn, No Earn

Ever hear the phrase “No Pain No Gain”? For many years now, those in the fitness and health industry have tried to unravel the phrase said to be coined by Jane Fonda herself in the early 80’s. Fonda however used another phrase of “Feel the Burn” – and this one we like.

The “Burn” Fonda referred to is the muscle contraction, or tension, meant to be felt when lifting weights. It is this contraction that begins the cycle of muscle strength and building. That process is super complicated (you can read all about it here!), but in short, it is the lactic acid generated during and after weight lifting that causes the burn. This is an indication that the stress put on the muscles is enough to impact muscle fibers. This is good, because the body’s response to rebuild it stronger – during rest (this is also why rest days are so imporant).

Pain on the other hand is an indication that something is not right. Either your form is off, you’ve torn or stressed a ligament or joint (or muscle). This is not good and is the point at which you should STOP to protect yourself.

Thus, a new mantra for today should be “No Burn No Earn”. Push hard enough to feel that sensation of muscle contraction and “burn”.. but not pain!!

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