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Hyper Efficient Upper Body Workout


bicepsLately, I’ve been blogging workout routines with ultimate efficiency in mind. Last week I gave you a leg workout in this vein, and today I’m completing the cycle with this Hyper Efficient Upper Body Workout.

Here’s how you do this workout – for all exercises in the Roster below, follow the Set/Rep pattern below, completing 3 sets in sequence – resting 30-60 seconds in between each set:


Set Reps Tempo (speed)
Set 1 15 Moderate: 2 seconds contraction, 2 second release
Set 2 10 Slow: 3-4 seconds contraction,
3-4 seconds release,
Set 3 20 Pulsing: 1 second total contraction/release



  • Dumbbells
  • Bench
  • Cable machine (optional)

Time to complete: Approx 40-45 mins with warm up/cool down

Exercise Roster:

  1. Alternating single arm bicep curls (cable or dumbbells)
  2. Seated row
  3. Lying triceps extensions (aka “skullcrushers”)
  4. Triceps press down (or, Overhead extension if you don’t have a machine)
  5. Overhead shoulder press
  6. Dumbbell lateral deltoid raises

***Remember to warm up for 5 minutes prior to the work out and do a 5 minute stretch and cool down following!


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