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Cupcake reward? Have a pedicure instead..

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on a panel for Girl Power Hour’s 3rd annual “Fit & Fab(ulous)” event. The panel was a “trifecta” of experts from the Fitness, Health, and Nutrition areanas. Among other thought provoking questions on health and body image, we got on the subject of breaking the Food and Rewards association.

In our American society (and some others), we learn that food is a reward. “You won first place in the Science Fair honey? Congrats! Let’s have a cookie.” and later in life.. “A promotion!? Let’s celebrate by going out to dinner!” We even do it to ourselves. Ever say to yourself “Ok I had ice cream, but I deserved it.” I know I have!

Breaking this assotiation of food = reward (and vice versa) is hard to do because it’s so ingraned in us from so many years of conditioning. But developing a habit of rewarding yourself with non-food related treats is a very healthy way to still celebrate our successes and life milestones, without impacting our health and wellbeing.

Try these great REWARDS for a job well done. You can even save up for rewards by putting a dollar in a jar for every milestone or reward, and splurge on something you really want:

  1. A hot bubble bath
  2. A pedicure or manicure
  3. A massage or foot massage
  4. 15 minutes in the sunshine doing nothing (I did this today and it felt oh so good!)
  5. A new item of clothing or shoes you’ve coveted
  6. A makeover! or just some new makeup
  7. Spending time with a loved one, or your pet!
  8. Yoga (or a fitness class!)
  9. Movie night with your significant other (or yourself!!)
  10. Flowers to brighten your home

2 comments on “Cupcake reward? Have a pedicure instead..

  1. David Haas
    June 11, 2012

    I have a question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  2. landandseafitness
    June 11, 2012

    Now that is excellent advice!

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