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Make the most of your workout!

20-10-60 No Equipment Workout!


Legs - Narrow Squat (side view)Got no equipment? Prefer to workout outside? Traveling? You can workout ANYWHERE with this no equipment, total body workout. And even better, it’ll take you about 20 minutes. Just enough time to burn off those summer picnic calories!

The way this sequence works is meant to be easy to remember. Do the 3 exercises in each row below, for the number of reps noted (first exercise 20 reps, second exercise 10, 3rd exercise 60). Rest for 1 minute after each row then move on to the next. In total you’ll do 5 “sets” in this series for a total of 15 different exercises.

Remember to warm up for 2-3 minutes before hand: 30 seconds each of 1) Marching in place 2) Arm circles forward/back, 3) Jog in place, 4) Reach high, reach low, 5) Twist side to side while marching in place.

Let’s go!


20 Reps 10 Reps 60 Reps
Squats (aim to get thighs parallel to the ground) Standard push ups (hands shoulder width) Toe taps on a bench, chair, etc
Straight leg toe touch
(stand tall, keeping a micro bend in knees, reach to touch toes then return to standing)
Tricep pushup (hands slightly inside shoulders, keep arms parallel and elbows tight to body) Jumping Jacks
Alternating lunges (aim to get working leg thigh parallel to ground, keeping knee behind the toe) Side to side pushups (start with left arm directly under shoulder, right arm wider than shoulder width – push up. Now place right arm under shoulder and left arm wider; push up. Repeat for given reps) Speed skaters (start in a slightly squatted position legs together. step out to the right with right leg, then bring left leg straight out and crossed behind right leg; reverse and continue)
Squat jump (do  a regular squat then spring upward reaching hands over head) Plyometric push pop-up (do a regular push up, then spring push off both arms from the ground landing more narrow than shoulder width. Repeat) Reverse Lunge shuffle (stand tall then bend left leg and reach right leg straight out to the right, with a shuffle movement, switch legs and continue alternating the shuffle)
Lunge jump (do a regular lunge, then spring up ward and land with the opposite leg forward –repeat) Drop push up (start as if you’re doing a regular push up by bending elbows and dropping chest to ground. Slowly push back up counting to 3) Bicycle abs

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