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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Little Bites of Heaven

We interupt your regularly scheduled blog post of the “What I learned in my first fitness competition” series, to bring you this YUMMY commercial break. Seeking a chocolaty treat with … Continue reading

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Competition Part 3: The Diet…

(continued from Part 2) …The diet was the hard part. I remember vividly the moment I got my meal plan from my online trainer Mike Davies ( – who I … Continue reading

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Competition Part 2: Training

For me, the workouts were the easiest part of training for a competition. Most people who go into fitness competitions are already gym rats like me. So training is something … Continue reading

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Part 1: Making the Decision to Compete

People enter fitness competitions for many reasons. From the outside it may seem like a completely vein and selfish pursuit. For me personally, I have always been inspired by anyone … Continue reading

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What I learned from my first competitive fitness experience (Introduction)

I’m introducing a blog series here, based on my first and recent NPC competition. If you don’t know what NPC is, you’re not alone. NPC stands for “National Physique Committee” and is … Continue reading

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