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Part 1: Making the Decision to Compete

People enter fitness competitions for many reasons. From the outside it may seem like a completely vein and selfish pursuit. For me personally, I have always been inspired by anyone who has the willpower and stamina to get their body into amazing physical condition, and also fascinated with the science behind how they do it. I wanted to know two things – COULD I do it (do I have the willpower/mental fortitude)? And if so, HOW would I do it (what is the formula for training, diet, etc… )?

I also have been one that is driven from challenges. I’ve run 5 half marathons, 2 sprint triathlon, and numerous smaller races like 5 & 10ks. I sign up for all of them to give myself an end goal, something to work toward. Fitness competition was a different kind of goal that although I knew little about, knew for sure it could give me a new type of challenge to work toward.

My younger sister competed in figure about 5 years ago, at the Stingray in Hawaii. Her transformation was an amazing thing to witness, in fact I was just the other day looking at a picture from that time and commented that she looked like a totally different person than before or after. I personally thought she was in amazing shape, and I envied her form and physique. Unfortunately for my little sis, the competition had a major impact on her body image, which she still deals with today.

So for me deciding to compete wasn’t the big deal, it was making an agreement with myself and my supporters (primarily my husband and my sister) that I would only do it under some conditions: 1) I would stay healthy both in mind and body. 2) I would not over tan, or get overly “muscle-y” (this was my husband’s condition J), and 3) I would do it for fun and learning, and remind myself that goal everyday.

With this, I was ready to start my journey.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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