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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Crawl, Walk, Run

  Ever find yourself constantly saying “I will start a  new fitness plan tomorrow… I WILL start my fitness plan tomorrow..” yet never do? Often, the first step is the … Continue reading

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The #1 hands down BEST diet trick

I feel like I’m writing one of those really long web ads that make you read a page worth of marketing schpeal followed by “Not convinced!? Then scroll down to … Continue reading

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Mag Review: Shape September 2012

Magazine: Shape Edition: September 2012 Price: $4.99 US Rating:3/5 This month’s Shape magazine arrived a couple of weeks ago, and should still be on store shelves now. With a cover … Continue reading

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Low Sugar, Low Fat Raspberry Bars

I’m on a baking kick these days, having fun experimenting with ways to make recipes healthier, but still very tasty. Here is my twist on a “traditional” raspberry bar. My … Continue reading

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