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Mag Review: Shape September 2012

Magazine: Shape

Edition: September 2012

Price: $4.99 US


This month’s Shape magazine arrived a couple of weeks ago, and should still be on store shelves now. With a cover graced by the gorgeous and talented Jillian Michaels, I was super excited to dig in and gobble up the workouts, recipes, and beauty tips this month’s edition cover featured. Especially the “Drop a Jeans Size in 21 Days!” given my recent foot surgery and (ahem) slight weight gain!

While I was pleasantly thrilled to read about Ms. Michaels new found relaxed attitude toward fitness – now fully understanding and embracing the challenge of being a wife and parent and how hard it sometimes is to fit it all in. Jillian offers up a “10 minute workout” that will still kick your butt. Well I tried it and, while it took me 15 minutes to complete – worked up a pretty good sweat. Well done Ms. M. Probably even more, I appreciated the preceding pages which featured an interview where Jillian talked about her new life, love, kids! and generally an authentic peace that even though I don’t know her – am happy she has found.

The rest of this month’s Shape wasn’t all I had hoped however. Despite a very good recipe on page 140 for a lower cal/lower fat version of Fettucine Alfredo (which was devoured by my family this week), the “Skinny Jeans” workout looked and was pretty complicated and I was left wanting a “grid” version of instructions. The “Jump Away the Jiggle” 1 page workout guide was as silly as the name sounds – I mean really, jumping jacks on a trampolene for 3 minutes at a time? I think not. The “9th Annual Beauty Awards” didn’t really float my boat – they might for you but it seemed like one big ad to me. I’d love to see some alternative brands like Chanticale, Butter – or just something new and fresh already!

Buy it? Maybe borrow from a friend. We’ll hold out hope for October’s edition.


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