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Post Thanksgiving Workout (2 of 4)

2nd workout post Thanksgiving focused on legs and abs. Writing this 2 days after, i am still sore! Work this and your turkey thighs be gone!

Day 2: Legs + Abs (with cardio intervals)

Leg Circuit 1 (Repeat 3 times):

  • Alternating back lunges with DBells (20 total)
  • Single leg dead lift with DBells (12 each leg)
  • Skaters (30 seconds)

Leg Circuit 2 (Repeat 3x):

  • Side lunge plyometric push off (10 reps each side)
  • Squat to stand with calf raise (15 reps)
  • Jump rope (60 seconds)

Combo Circuit 3 (Repeat 2x):

  • DBell “pick it up put it on the shelf” (ala P90x) (10 reps each side)
  • Plank Jacks (30 seconds)
  • Dbell reach and lift to Side Plank (10 each side)

Abs Circuit (Repeat 3x)

  • V-ups (20 reps)
  • Oblique crunch (20 reps each side)
  • Straight leg extension at 90-60-30 degree holds (5 seconds each – 3 reps)

One comment on “Post Thanksgiving Workout (2 of 4)

  1. Jami
    December 1, 2012

    Great workout! Thanks for posting it.

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