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Super Hot Legs & Bum

Today was leg day and you know how I LOVE LEG DAY!!! (Oh legs, how I love thee let me count the ways). Today I was testing out a new training method I’m working on called Slow/Fast. Or, as today I’m calling it “Super Hot”.

“Hot” comes from the BURN you get when combining Super SLOW weight training with Super FAST HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). And of course the HOT look you’ll get with your new shapely legs!

Ok here’s how you do it:

1) Super Set Squats

  • (A) Slow lift squats (Smith Machine is ideal): 4 counts decending, 8 counts acending x 10-12 reps at mod-heavy weight
  • (B) Jump Squats x 10
  • Repeat 2x total (2 sets)

2. Step up lunge backs, on a plyo bench about 18-24″ high

  • 15 on Right
  • 15 on Left
  • Moderate pace

3. Ballerina Super Set

  • (A) Slow Sumo Squats: Toes out, feet shoulder width apart. 4 counts decending, 8 counts acending x 10-12 reps at mod-heavy weight
  • (B) Frog Jump Squats: 10-12 at quick pace. Toes turned out, heels touch. Start with knees bent all the way, touching the floor. You don’t need to jump high, just get feet off the ground.
  • Repeat 2x total (2 sets)

4. Hamstring + Glute Super Set

  • Slow Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball (big ball) – 4 counts pull in, 8 counts push out. 12 reps
  • 40 Fast as you can High knees bringing knee all the way up and bent
  • Repeat 2x total

Burning? Oh yea.

STRETCH it out!!!!


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