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HIIT me baby (one more time)

Ok ok that’s about the dorkiest blog title I could come up with.. but hey! It’s almost Friday.

So last weekend I was in a bootcamp with my Competition training coach Mike Davies (hard core!) and aside from not walking for 2 days following, I learned some really cool new exercises to fit into any routine. Here, I borrowed a couple from Mike and added some of my own flair, to give you a GymCoach HIIT special.

If you don’t know HIIT – that’s High Intensity Interval Training. Don’t worry, I hate cardio too… but this stuff is fun, fast, and super effective.

Here’s a tip: Do this as a short workout on its own, or following a weight training routine

Workout Type: Cardio (High Intensity)

Time to Complete: 15 Minutes

You will need: A step bench (6-12”); 1 set of medium weight dumbbells

Do 3 sets in each Circuit


Circuit 1 (3 rounds total) Exercise Reps Notes
Exercise A Jumping Jacks 30 Set 1:  no weight
Set 2: use 5-10 lb d-bells held at your waist
Set 3: Hold the d-bells overhead
Exercise B Push ups 10 Count to 4 on the way down, push up quickly
Circuit 2 Exercise Reps Notes
Exercise A Lunges off the bench 20 Set 1: No weights. Start with both feet on the bench and then step one foot off into a back lunge
Set 2: Hold weights at waist
Set 3: Hold weights overhead
Exercise B Mountain Climbers 40  
Circuit 3 Exercise Reps Notes
Exercise A Wide jump squat onto bench 30 / 20 / 10 Set 1 no weights: Straddle the bench; bend into a squat then jump off both feet and land on the bench.
Set 2: hold weights at your waist
Set 3: Hold weights in a “W” position – elbows parallel to shoulders
Exercise B Plank jacks 30 Get into a push up (plank) position – jump both feet out wide then back together.
Circuit 4 (Repeat 3x) Exercise Reps Notes
Exercise A Elbow plank hold 30 seconds Keep a straight line from neck to toes – tuck tummy and keep butt down
Exercise B Straight leg decline 10 Lie on your back with hands under lower back; legs straight up to ceiling – count to 10 on the lower, repeat 10x
Exercise C Crunches 30 Lie on your back with knees bent feet close to butt. Hands behind head to support head – keep shoulders off floor and contract abs to lift chest.

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