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Spring Training Begins

Sorry about the nearly monthly long hiatus I just took from my blog – if you noticed that is Smile. I was on vacation! And had a fabulous time not working out, not being on a meal plan, and not caring about any of it! Really.. everyone needs a break sometimes.

springtrainingBut now.. WE’RE BACK! And with a vengeance. It’s time to start Spring Training. For me, this means beginning training for upcoming competitions. After my experience with the Oregon State NPC’s last July, I wanted to take a step back, rest, and attend to foot surgery and recovery. The break gave me a chance to re-center on Priorities, and consider whether I wanted to compete again.

Weighing up all the Con’s (investment in training, diet, a new suit) and the Pro’s (having a solid goal to aim for, my need for an outlet to ‘perform’… and the new suit!), I’ve decided to take a run at it again. But of course, I have to step it up – so this time, I’m aiming toward a National Competition in late July, with a lead up Regional show late June.

So over the next 12 weeks or so, I’d like to take you along with me on my journey. Competition is not for everyone, but I know there are some discoveries and lessons that many people can relate to, and learn from. So with that… I invite you to share my journey on this blog.

Here we go!


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This entry was posted on May 2, 2013 by in fitness.
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