Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!

Before we begin…

As I start my training this time around, I come to it gratefully no longer a novice, having 1 regional competition under my belt last year. A sense of not being in the complete unchartered territory is creating a greater sense of calm, and also energy that I hope will last the next 12 weeks.

The first area I’m already seeing my previous experience help is in knowing the importance of Planning. Now that I have in mind which competition and the date, getting my nutrition and training plans in order is the first step. Because I was going on vacation the last 2 weeks of April, and I know my end goal is the Master’s National in Philadelphia late July – May 1st seemed a logical training starting point. I contacted both my Training coach and my Posing coach in early April to get things set up so I was ready to roll come May 1.

While they were formulating plans, I used April to get my mind right about everything.  I developed a “5P” formula that would help me shape my approach over the training period. This is what I want to come back to anytime I am questioning what I’m doing, explaining to someone how it all works, or just need an extra boost:


PURPOSE: Another way of saying Goals – Why am I doing this? What does it mean to me?

PRIORITIES: Where does this fit with all priorities or goals in my life? How does my family/friends/work fit?

PLAN(NING): What plans will I follow and how will I use those plans to my advantage?

PERSEVERANCE: How will I stick with the plan; what are my motivation reliances?

PATIENCE: A constant reminder that nothing happens overnight – especially muscle development and fat loss!!


I’ll blog more about how I’m using these “5P’s” in my training as I go. For now, I’m hoping this framework might help some of you as you approach your own new goals!


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This entry was posted on May 10, 2013 by in fitness.
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