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Patience (…is not my strongest skill!)

Overall bikiniSomeone asked me the other day “When is the best moment during your competition; the show itself or  when you win?” This was an interesting question I had to consider before answering. There are many ups and downs during preparation for a competitive physique competitions, many times when you question “Why am I doing this?” and yet many other days when everything feels as it should.

Patience is not my strong suit – my husband will tell you that. I am sure I am not alone in this: at least in the US, our culture has become the “instant gratification society.” If we want it, we have it. Have a pain? There’s a pill for that. Want to lose weight or reshape your body?  Here’s a surgical procedure for that. One of the things I love about the sport of natural bodybuilding is that there are no magic pills, no shortcuts, and no way to avoid the hard work and dedication it takes to shape your body through diet and exercise. The sport is a showcase for what you can do if you really put your mind to it – and learn how your unique body responds to various exercises and foods.

One of the more difficult things for people losing weight and certainly this is the same for many who do competitive physique is that the changes happen very slowly. Something you did in the gym, or something you ate today, may not ‘show up’ on your body for days, sometimes weeks. This requires the Perseverance I talked about a few weeks back, but also Patience.

Standing on the stage receiving my 1st place award, I knew that my Patience and Perseverance had Paid off (another P!). But more than that, I was most Proud of the fact that I had done it keeping my Priorities first and Purpose top of mind, by creating and sticking with the Plan. This year’s journey has not quite finished though. In two weeks I will compete in the NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh PA. Wish me luck, but most of all fun!


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