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Power Crepe!

protein crepeOn the heels of the greatest muffins in the world, I’ve created a version that will please any brunch guest! Just an adjustment of ingredients creates this fantastically posh breakfast that won’t kill your diet.



1 scoop vanilla casein/whey blend protein (I use Beverly Nutrition UMP)
4 egg whites
1/4 cup Quick oats
1/8 cup water*
Fresh berries and/or almond butter (optional)

*Note, you can use Whey with this recipe, but reduce egg whites to 3 and don’t add any water

1. Blend all ingredients except berries/almond butter
2. Heat medium non stick fry pan (spray with Pam butter spray if desired)
3. Pour 1/2 batter into the pan – cook about 60 seconds, FLIP then cook the other side 60 seconds more.
4. Place on a plate and cover with foil while you make the second crepe.
5. When both are done, top with fresh berries, almond butter if desired.

Recipe makes 2 and can be doubled

Each serving has (without toppings; and approximates, depending on type of protein powder used):
– 125 calories
– 20g protein (7g in 2 egg whites + approx. 13 in 1/2 scoop powder)
– 7g carbs (almost all from the oats, unless your protein powder has carbs)
– Almost no fat (again depending on your brand of protein powder)



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