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It Depends.

Samara_dec09_0859I think I am going to make a T-shirt that says “It Depends.” Why? this is the answer to 90% of questions I get on

– What are the best foods to eat?
– What’s the most effective way to workout?
– What kind of weights should I lift?

Answer …It Depends.

It depends, largely on…
– Your Goals
– Your Starting place
– Your Background & Experience
– Your Preferences & Attitude
– Your Limitations (Injury, Location, etc)

Before you jump into a new fitness or health regimen, consider your goals:
– What do I want to ACHEIVE? (Be SPECIFIC: are you focused on your health, weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, better skin, fat loss, fitting into skinny jeans, running a marathon/race?)
– Is my goal REALISTIC? (if not, go back to #1)
– WHY do I want to achieve this? (are you being honest?)
– What would CHANGE once I achieve this? (is that rationale?)
– How much will I really COMMIT to this change? (time, money, energy)
– WHEN will I start, and by WHEN do I want to achieve my goal? (is it an event or time based goal? or is it life long)

Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s much easier to find the solution that will match your goals. No two people’s goals are the same and thus no two solutions / plans will be the same. You can research your goal and strategies to achieve it online, on my blog, or contact me for a custom training plan to meet your needs! email me at, or visit for more info on custom training plans.


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This entry was posted on September 27, 2013 by in fitness.


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