Samara Donald is: The Gym Coach

Make the most of your workout!


Hi! I’m Samara and I’d like to help you MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WORKOUT! As a certified Group Exercise Instructor (AFAA) and Personal Trainer (ASFA), I also compete in the NPC Bikini division at the National level. Fitness is my passion but, probably just like you, I also have a “regular” full time job, a family, and a home to maintain!

Making the Most of your Workout is about being efficient, yet effective. Who has time for hour long workouts!? Not many people. And eating healthy? Better make it FAST, EASY, and YUMMY… right!?

I started TheGymCoach as a blog in 2007, with a mission to provide helpful information and inspiration for regular gym go-ers who know how hard it is to find the time and energy to workout. I hope that with whatever information, products, and tools you find from TheGymCoach, you can get and stay fit for life!

My Pocket Sized Workout Guides and the Print-and-Get-Fit series make working out not only easier, but more effective – so you can make the most of your workout.   

Visit my main site at for the full suite of content. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SamaraFitness.

Got Questions? Suggestions? We’d love to hear them. Contact us at:



One comment on “About

  1. Juliet Hicks
    January 30, 2010

    I just bought the Fit and Firm Pocket Guide and cannot wait to get started! I was looking for a way to switch up my strength training routine and get into fantastic shape. This pocket guide is a great element to add to my fitness routine. Thanks Gym Coach!

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