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Fit and Firm

Ever find yourself at the gym thinking “what exactly am I supposed to do now?” You’ve made the effort to get there, but now you’re lost staring at the machines. You can’t remember what you read in that fitness book you bought, and you don’t want to get your iPhone all sweaty…. 

You need is Fit & Firm…in Four Weeks!  a Pocket Sized Workout Guide program, from TheGymCoach. 

Fit and Firm…in 4 Weeks!” is a 4 week workout program designed to help you tone muscles, reduce body fat, and improve heart and lung fitness. The 5 day a week workout series is designed in easy to follow, “take with you” cards, so you’ll know exactly what to do when you get to the gym.

How does it work? 

  • A highly effective workout program, combining circuit weight training and interval cardio
  • Ready to go daily plans minimizes pre-planning on your part 
  • Convenient ”pocket sized” cards – no mp3, iPhone to get sweaty, no big bulky book to carry around

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Pst… want to see what it looks like!? Watch the video preview!


Q: Why would I buy “Fit and Firm” versus any other fitness book?

A: “Fit and Firm…in Four Weeks!” is our first “Pocket Sized Workout Guides,” a series we created to make it easy to workout at the gym. As a fitness instructor, my students and friends always complained they never knew what to do when they got to the gym – fitness books, magazines and DVD’s are great, but you can’t take them with you to the gym. Now with these ready to go cards, you’ll know exactly what to do when you get there!

Q: How does the program work?

A:  The program is based on a 5 day per week, 50 minutes per day format, hitting every major muscle group in your body. Each day you take with you 7 assigned a color cards plus the “black card” for warm-up/cool-down. The cards guide you through your daily workout, tell you which equipment to use and how to monitor your work effort.

Q: What’s in the kit?

A: 36 gym cards (7 cards x 5 days + 1 warmup/cool-down card), instruction guide, ring and carabineer. Take each days cards and put onto the ring, using the carabineer to attach to your gym bag or key ring.

Q: Are the cards laminated?

A: The cards are printed on high gloss paper, and are intended to last more than 10 uses. That means when you’re done with the program you can share them with your mom, sister, friend, whoever!

Q: What happens when I’m done with the 4 weeks?

A: We’re currently developing more “Pocket Sized Workout Guides” so stay tuned!

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