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Monthly Archives: July, 2008

Plank Row

Summer is here and out come the sleeveless tops and strappy dresses. There’s no better way to get your back and shoulders in shape (and as a bonus work your … Continue reading

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"Don’t forget me!" (your calf)

Especially for women, the calf muscles are often forgotten in the regime of fitness training. But if you want that really sexy look in a skirt (or shorts for guys), … Continue reading

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Keep the carbs! (the good ones that is)

Cutting carbs from your diet plan can often leave you with a lack of energy – that’s because your body needs carbs! So called “good carbs” – those high in … Continue reading

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Turning Plank

Planks are one of the best ways to get your core in shape – but you have to have the right form to make them count. This “turning plank” is … Continue reading

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